Cuisine St. Bernard

Dining at the Hotel St. Bernard is unforgettable. One of the key elements that brings guests back to the Hotel year in and year out is meal-times. These are the occasions where friendships are not only formed, but bonds are cemented, all within the delightful congeniality, warmth and enchantment of the Dining Room. All meals are hosted by Jean Mayer, Technical Director of the Taos Ski Valley Snowsports School, who is excited to share with you your experiences on the mountain.

The Rathskeller Bar is a local favorite and open to all. In addition to one of the finest wine cellars in the Southwest, our guests also enjoy a full bar.

The Hotel is pleased to be able to offer dinner packages to our Condo guests staying a full week.

Dinner reservations for non-Hotel and non-Condo guests may be made through the Hotel and are subject to availability.

Thanks to a team of highly-skilled, predominantly French-trained chefs you will enjoy freshly prepared, exquisite meals.

A typical breakfast entrée might be:

Taos-Style Huevos with Red & Green Chili
Black Beans & Petite SautéPotatoes with Tomatoes & Mushrooms with Onions

Sides of Fresh Tortillas - Manchego Cheese

Lunch is always something appropriate for the skier who is keen to maintain energy levels and is likely to be:

Carrot Soup with Leeks

Filet of Sole Maitre d'Hotel
Rice Pilaf with Stir Fry of Fresh Garden Vegetables

Crème Brulée

An example of one of the three course meals served in the evenings is:

French Onion Soup Gratinée
with Baguette and Gruyère Cheese

Grass-Fed Organic Rib-Eye Steak au Poivre
Alaskan Crab with Wasabi
Aromatic Carolina Rice with Ginger and Red Peppers

Avocado Salad with Maui Onions and Lime

French Tarte aux Fruits with Crème Patissière and Fresh Berries

It is menus such as these that inspired the publication of our acclaimed book entitled "Cuisine St. Bernard". The book is not just about our recipes however - it is very much the story of The St. Bernard and its association with the mountain and all who appreciate the lifestyle afforded to them by virtue of their surroundings.

The response to the book has been overwhelming with appreciative comments from so many, including a long-time friend of the St. Bernard who writes:

"Kudos! A magnificent book with your touch all over it. I felt like "Cuisine St. Bernard" was speaking directly to me. What a gift to all of us who have ever had the pleasure!"

Also an acknowledgement from The Culinary Institute of America whose Vice President for Advancement and Business Development writes:

"At the CIA, our students quickly learn that food is essential not only to our existence, but in building relationships and making memories! And that's what "Cuisine St. Bernard" is all about. This is a wonderful resource for our students, and it further validates the CIA's belief that "Food Matters".